Wednesday, January 27, 2010

After Midnight

Well, it is Thursday, 12:37 am. No, I'm not an early riser :) We are night owls. My husband got called to winch out a car stuck in an orchard. We have a towing company and we take the calls after the office is closed. It is not always fun to have the phones, but it puts food on the table and we are thankful that the Lord always provides. He just called and said he would be about an hour and half, so I thought I would read some blogs and decided to post one myself. Today, or I guess it's yesterday was great, the kids got their school work done and with out any frustration! That might be a first. Roger took Joey to check on the workers pruning the field and when he got in the back of the field he let Joey drive! I'm glad I wasn't there. He is only 3 !/2 :) Don't worry he was on Dad's lap. He was so excited when he got home and had to tell me and the girls all about it. Isn't being a kid so wonderful and to be a mom is the best.  Then Jenna got out her cup cake maker she got for christmas and made us some cup cakes for snack! They were interesting! Smile and eat it, I told myself :) The things we will swallow for our kids. Kristen went out to the office which is about 100 feet in front of our house and hung out with dad until he came home at 5:00 ( she is a daddy's girl.). I did my usual and enjoyed it! Dinner was a huge hit! Yeah, I like it when everyone loves dinner especially my 3 year old.

We are going to get our land ready this week for our garden. My mom and dad will be down in Feb to help. They have some blueberrys and trees that need planting. The land where we are going to grow our garden is uneven, so Roger is going to level it. My mom and dad are so excited and so are we. We only see them once a week on Sat. With my mom retiring I'll get to see them so much more! We have a lot of work to do. I hope we can get it all done so we have a garden full of yummy fruit and veggies.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I think I'll work on some laundry now. I can't sleep when Rogers gone. Hope he's home soon.





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  1. It sounds like Joey had alot of fun with Roger. I bought some seed potatoes today and can't wait to get them in the ground. I know that your mom and dad are glad to get to spend more time with all of you too!