Friday, January 22, 2010

Country Gravy Chicken and Dumplings

I had some left over baked chicken breast and my daughter Kristen asked if we could make Chicken and Dumplings. We have made it before and we use potatos, carrots, ect. She had a sleep over at a friends house and they made a very creamy chicken and dumplings w/ out veggies. So I thought we could try to replicate it. Kristen was a big help. She is really growing up.

Our Recipe:

Bring two small cans of chicken stock and 3 tbsp butter to a boil

make a basic dumpling mix and add to pot (The kids love to drop them in the pot)

cut up chicken breast add to pot

when dumplings are ready pour in one package of white country gravy slowly to dissolve ( The gravy adds plenty of pepper flavor, but you might want to add salt.)


We had it for lunch and it was so, so, so, good. We all enjoyed it! It served all five of us and Dad had seconds. He usually does, He can't resist my cook'n! :)



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  1. My grandmother used to make delicious chicken & dumplings--one of my many fond memories of time at her house. Thanks for sharing your recipe.