Saturday, January 16, 2010

Defeated by Hobo Bread

Yesterday I took the girls to my mom-in-law's aka Mema's house to finish up a sewing project they have been working on. She had a new Amish cookbook I was thumbing through and I spotted a recipe for Hobo Bread. ( This should of been my first clue it would not turn out well. Do the Amish trade recipes with Hobo's?)It called for raisins and I have raisins coming out of my ears. I decided that I would bake it after dinner and we would have it for breakfast this mornig. I was excited, the recipe called for two cups of raisins to be boiled in one cup of water w/ 4 teaspooons of baking soda and let cool. After dinner clean up was done. I took the raisin mixture and added it to the dry ingrediance. It made alot! But I followed the directions, it said to bake @ 350* for 1 hr. in a 4 x 8 pan. I put it in and went to watch TV with Roger.  About 20 min later he asked is something burning?

I got up to look and the kitchen was full of smoke. I opened up the oven and my bread had seriously over flowed. I took the bread out and was sad. My husband came in and right away said get a spatula and he got right to work cleaning out the oven and saving the day! He is so sweet. I got a cookie sheet and placed foil around it  and back into the oven the bread went. Long story short after pulling it out and putting it back in, it never really cooked through. It looked like a mushy, sticky, pan of goo! My sweet husband tasted it anyways. Did I mention he was sweet? Jenna and Joey liked it and Kristen wouldn't go near it. I don't think I will try this one again for a while.



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  1. First let me say thanks for stopping by my blog.. And what a sweet guy to guy up.. I'm sorry your bread didn't come out..I wonder if the Amish cookbook is the new one that is out.. Bread sounded yummy!

    Blessings sisterbrenda