Thursday, January 14, 2010

       This morning we made some yummy blueberry muffins. They were so good and made the kitchen smell wonderful for school. I love to homeschool the kids. I remember rushing around in the morning trying to get everyone ready to go to school. We only had time for cereal or a piece of toast in the car. I'm thankful that the Lord lead us to the homeschool life. It is so peaceful and I love the time that we have as a family. When my oldest daughter started 4th grade the amount of homework and stress that came along with it was not fun. I often get asked How are you able to homeschool? Don't you need time by yourself? Aren't you stressed out all the time? The fact is I have never felt closer to my kids. With just a little preperation it's easy. I do get time for myself, but I'd rather be with my family anyways. I used to be stressed out when they went to school. The homework, parties, volunteering, The tuition! I love to homeschool the kids. My husband and I wouldn't change this time we have with the kids for anything. It's not always blueberry muffins in the morning but the time is always special.



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  1. Children grow up so fast, it is good to enjoy the time you have with them :O)

    Crispe ;o)