Friday, February 26, 2010

On the Tractor with Dad

   The other day Roger and Joey were out working on the garden and "the cottage" :) We had to dig some trenches to lay pipe so my mom and dad can have water to their cottage and water pipe going out to different parts of the garden.( I can't wait to see it all done). Joey had al ot of fun running around with dad on the trencher. I think his most favorite part is playing in the trenches. I think he may loose some toys in there. I can barley see the top of his head running around this maze. In Ca it has been raining alot and when it gets dry enough to start working out here it rains again! It is a blessing, but we have a lot of work to do. 

    Kristen had a slumber party today and on the way there (30 min. drive) we saw a plane dusting a orchard. The plane flew right along our car. It was a little scary ,but I sure wish I could have gotten a picture of it. Joey said," Woe! that plane is big". The orchard was in full bloom. I think that they are almond trees. they had a pale pink blossom. I will have to get some pictures of the trees around here. They are so pretty this time of the year. 



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