Friday, March 12, 2010

Yummy Split Pea Soup

I made a delicious split pea soup in the slow cooker. I topped it with some homemade croutons and shredded cheese. It was so good. Like many of you I shop in bulk and try to get enough meat for 2 months. This time I bought a ham at Costco for $15.00 and divided it into 4 meals to freeze and I had the bone left over. I decided to make some soup with it.

The recipe:

one ham bone

l 16oz bag of split peas (washed and rinsed)

4 cups chicken stalk and 2 cups water

palm full of dried onion

galic salt and pepper to taste

cook on low 8-10 hours

remove all the ham from the ham bone and cut it up if need and place back into soup

I made it the day before and then warmed it up the next day in the slow cooker

To top it off I made homemade croutons

The recipe:

I used 4 pieces of white bread cubed

bake for 20 min at 300 degrees

let cool

in a sauce pan on medium heat melt 4-6 tablespoons of butter

add croutons, sprinkle with garlic salt, stir

cook for about 3-5 minutes

(We call them crunchies in our family)

Top soup with croutons, cheese, and enjoy!  I like to stir it all up so the cheese melts and the croutons get all nice a soft.

We often stop at a reaturant called Pea Soup Andersons when we travel. There is one on the I 5 in Santa Nella, Ca. and one on the 101 in Buelton, Ca. They make a veggie pea soup that is yummy. They serve theirs with sides of croutons, cheese, bacon, and chives.   

I hope you enjoy,



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