Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Planting The Blackberries

We spent a couple hours last week planting our blackberries. They run along the fence line and will be trained up on five wires to make an organic fence! I think that they will look so pretty especially when they are blooming. The pictures below are of my mom and dad and the kids. Kristen and I helped dig the holes until we hit hard pan then my dad busted it up for us. We have real sandy soil until you hit about a foot and a half then its hard pan city. Jenna and my mom planted and Joey helped everyone. He even filled in a couple of holes before we had planted them :)

I love all the things happening around here! I can't wait to do more! It feels good to work the land and to know that my family will be well fed! We like to tell the kids when we are out working that if You Don't Work,  You Don't Eat! Great lesson!

I am Happy,


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