Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sharing My Sisters Backyard Garden

We spent Mother's Day at my sisters house and got to sit out and enjoy their garden. They put a lot of work into it this year and have already harvested some potatos, lettuce, and some yummy juicy strawberries. My BIL Jonny and my Dad built this chicken coop and it is super cute! They just need to attach a run and then it will be ready for the chicks they have growing under the heat lamp in their garage. These chickens will be very loved egg laying pets. My niece Abby can tell you everything there is to know about these chickens. She has done her homework. They have Silkies that we like to call the poodles of the chicken world, they are so cute. If you have never seen one please look it up on line.  They have a total of seven chicks all different types. I hope you enjoy the pictures of their garden and have a blessed day.

I am happy,



  1. Very nice :) !

  2. Great job....and harvesting already, wonderful.



  3. wonderful blog, nice pictures. lol on those silkies (poodles of the chicken world) perfect. We raised both white and black, so sweet. Grandkiddies are taking care of my 45 Plymouth Barred Rock and collecting about 30 eggs a day over at our other homestead. I plan to get a handful of booted bantums next spring for here. I like that coop. Very nice garden

    Ths for stopping by my blog and the very nice comment. Plus glad we are friends :)