Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Do you take the time to enjoy the gifts from the Lord? We did the kids and I spent a 1/2 hour enjoying this one.

I am Happy,


Garden Produce

Yesterday, we went out to water the garden and I had a lot of picking to do. We had egg plant, squash, zucchini, and a few tomatoes. The garden is really starting to produce we discovered a cantaloupe its about the size of my fist can't wait to eat that! My sister gave us two bags of green beans from their garden. Kristen cleaned and snapped them for me and we cooked them up with our meat loaf and mash potatoes for dinner mmm they were good! My mom had given us a small bag of blue berries and Aunt Karla and Uncle Press had brought us some nectarines when they visited last week, so I took what was left of the nectarines and the blue berries and made a cobbler for desert! Yum it was good! I cooked it in my 10 in cast iron pan! I love to make stuff in there it taste better ( I think that's in my head) and looks cute. When Roger came home and saw the cobbler he asked if the kids had gotten into it. Nope it was me I couldn't resit :) It was really good. The best part is we have left overs :)

I am Happy,


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Apricot Jam 10 pints to be exact!

I spent Friday canning apricot jam with my mom and sister. This is my very first canning ! I must say by the taste of this jam I'm a natural :) My mom called and said that the apricots on her tree were nice a ripe and asked if I would like to come and can with her! Its a 45min drive to my moms, so I got lunch ready for Roger and packed up the kids and we hit the road.


I thought the peeling would never end :) But it did and it was time to make these fresh off the tree apricots into delicious jam.


So after some smashing, lots of sugar and some roiling boiling ( right Dad?) I was enjoying some jam on my toast for breakfast! Yum!

I am Happy,


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here You Go Dad!

I'm posting again Dad! :)  Here is a picture of the garden about 7 weeks old! Can you believe how much it has grown? We have had some harvest from the garden zucchini, yellow squash, radishes, egg plant, one small cherry tomato and two yellow pear tomatoes:) We have been enjoying them all! We have tons of green tomatoes on the vines.  I can't wait to make spaghetti sauce! we also have really pretty blooms on our potatoes We had a wonderful visit with Rogers Aunt and Uncle and The girls had a super fun time with their cousin Karleigh. They had so much fun! They are all big fans of star wars who knew? 

Fathers day was a lot of fun! We celebrated with all the dads in our family. We had fathers choice meal which was chicken fried steak, mash potatoes, gravy (yes made from the left over grease) corn casserole, and fried egg plant, zucchini, onion  and bacon. I think our hearts are still ticking :). It was yummy! I want to share the corn casserole recipe. It was from my husbands granny it yummy!

* one can corn with juice

*one can cream corn with juice

*one cup elbow mac uncooked

* 2 tablespoons dried onion

* one small block of velveeta

* 1/2 stick of butter

Place elbow mac in bottom of baking dish, poor all corn over top, sprinkle dried onion, place slices of velveeta over top and slices of butter, cook @350 degrees covered for 45 minutes, pull out of oven uncover, stir, and place in oven for 35 min. to finish cooking. It will be all nice and bubble brown when finished. It is so good and always a request!

I am happy,


Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Sister

 Happy Birthday to my sister Hope. I hope that you enjoy your a day and have a very blessed birthday! I know you that there will be shopping in your future :) and probably some Baja Fresh :) Have fun!



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memories For Me

As a mom I get to hear and see all kinds of silly things from my kids. I thought I don't want to forget that, but I do. I decided to make a place her in my blog to remember these things. Memories For Me. You may not always understand it or find it as funny as I do, but it for me.

Jenna said that running makes everything go faster. OK? silly girl

I am Happy,



Well last weekend we spent time at a family reunion for my husbands grandmothers (Granny) side of the family. She passed away a few years ago, but I know she would of loved to be there. We got to see many people and had a fun time. We found out that we will be having a sleep over with our cousin Karliegh and the girls are so excited about that! Me too, we don't get to see them much they live in NC and we live here in Ca. They will be here around the end of the month! I love to look at old black and white pictures. They had a slide show of all the different family members. I love that they were always so well dressed. Every hair put in place and there beautiful hand made dresses, many of the kids dressed the same, so cute.

This last weekend Roger and I got to go to Reno with no kids!!!! The annual Western States Tow Show was in town. My mom and dad offered to keep the kids and we took them up on it :) We left Wed and came home Sat. They offer all kinds of classes on running your towing company, vendors are set up to show you all the newest and best things in the towing world, and my favorite part is on Friday they close down the streets and turn over 18 wheelers and all kinds of different scenarios. Its fun to watch! The best part was spending time with my husband! And not having to cook :), But I'm glad to get home and see my kids and get back to life. I can't believe how much the corn has grown, I swear you turn around and its grown an inch! The sun flowers too.

I am Happy,


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Gift From My Dad

I recieved a big surpise on monday! My Dad made me this awesome herb garden box! I love it so much!!!! My Mom and Dad worked on it together and made this adorable sign! They got here early monday and put it all together to surprise me!!! I love it! Thank you Dad and Mom for you thoughtfulness and gift I love it!!! I'm excited to make some dried herbs and to cook with fresh herbs! I love to rub my fingers along the leaves and smell the yummy flavors!

I am Happy,