Sunday, June 27, 2010

Apricot Jam 10 pints to be exact!

I spent Friday canning apricot jam with my mom and sister. This is my very first canning ! I must say by the taste of this jam I'm a natural :) My mom called and said that the apricots on her tree were nice a ripe and asked if I would like to come and can with her! Its a 45min drive to my moms, so I got lunch ready for Roger and packed up the kids and we hit the road.


I thought the peeling would never end :) But it did and it was time to make these fresh off the tree apricots into delicious jam.


So after some smashing, lots of sugar and some roiling boiling ( right Dad?) I was enjoying some jam on my toast for breakfast! Yum!

I am Happy,



  1. It was a fun day being with family.

  2. Yummy and great memories with your family!


  3. What a day, it makes me looking forward to doing some summer fruite, it gives such a good feeling to see the jars full and so much better than store jam. Have a wonderfull day Blessings Lorena