Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well last weekend we spent time at a family reunion for my husbands grandmothers (Granny) side of the family. She passed away a few years ago, but I know she would of loved to be there. We got to see many people and had a fun time. We found out that we will be having a sleep over with our cousin Karliegh and the girls are so excited about that! Me too, we don't get to see them much they live in NC and we live here in Ca. They will be here around the end of the month! I love to look at old black and white pictures. They had a slide show of all the different family members. I love that they were always so well dressed. Every hair put in place and there beautiful hand made dresses, many of the kids dressed the same, so cute.

This last weekend Roger and I got to go to Reno with no kids!!!! The annual Western States Tow Show was in town. My mom and dad offered to keep the kids and we took them up on it :) We left Wed and came home Sat. They offer all kinds of classes on running your towing company, vendors are set up to show you all the newest and best things in the towing world, and my favorite part is on Friday they close down the streets and turn over 18 wheelers and all kinds of different scenarios. Its fun to watch! The best part was spending time with my husband! And not having to cook :), But I'm glad to get home and see my kids and get back to life. I can't believe how much the corn has grown, I swear you turn around and its grown an inch! The sun flowers too.

I am Happy,


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