Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jenna's Day with Papa and Grandma

Jenna got to spend the day with Papa and Grandma and she chose to go to the ocean. It is about 40 degrees cooler there. They drove over to Monterrey and spent time at cannery row which used to be a huge cannery for the fish that were caught of our coast. Now it has been turn into little shops. They have a Bubba Gumps restaurant there from the movie Forest Gump. (they packed a lunch) They had a picnic in the car because it was so cold. Then Papa and Jenna went out and explored the beach. Jenna gathered some shell, spotted some crabs, and watched the sea lions on the rocks. Grandma stayed warm in the car. A man told them that the sea lions come there about every five years to mate and have there pups. He said that when the pups are born great white sharks come and eat the pups :( That is sad. They had a very nice time and Jenna brought her brother home a little red race car and gave Kristen a bag of salt water taffy her favorite!  They brought Jenna home and I made a spaghetti dinner and we went out and picked some okra, tomatoes, zucchini, egg plant, and squash, oh and some lettuce. They hit the road back home very tired and ready for bed. Thank you guys for taking Jenna she is still talking about it this morning!  My niece Abby chose to go to Yosemite, Kristen is going to Reno to go to Cabelas, and Joey wants to go on a hike. I think that they will probably go back to the coast for that it is so much cooler. Today it is suppose to be 108. That is HOT!

I am Happy,


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