Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We had a driver out until 4:00 am this morning which doesn't make good sleep for Roger. He cant sleep well when they are out which means I don't sleep well :). Joey came in our room around 5:00 am and I was to tired to put him back in his room so he climbed in bed with us. Roger got up at 8:00 and got ready for work. He woke me up before he left. The girls made Joey a birthday breakfast of scrambled eggs w/ cheese and peanut butter toast. Roger needed to go to Home Depot again, so we headed into town (30 min drive). We stopped by the peach stand on our way to town to price out the peaches. They smelled so good. When we got home it was time for lunch. We warmed up leftovers.

After lunch we went over to Mema's to wrap her legs. When we walked in she had brownies all lit up with four candles and sang happy birthday to Joey. Joey thought that was fantastic. We visited for a little while and then we came home. We got home around 3:30 I got on the treadmill while the girls worked on their chores. When I was done I worked on laundry :). Joey wanted PAGHETTI well that's how he says it :). We used some of the sauce that we canned yesterday! Is it just me or did it bump up the taste of my spaghetti ? Yum!:) I made Joey a chocolate chocolate chip cake w/ a powder sugar glaze.(thanks sis for recipe). It was really good. We watched a movie that we got from Netflix and then the kids got showered and in bed. We will celebrate Joey's birthday on Sat. w/the family. That will be fun.

Tomorrow looks like there is more laundry in my future! Yeah. Well we will see what tomorrow brings, but I hope that I get some sleep tonight :).

I am Happy,


My Baby is 4!!!


Happy birthday to my sweet little boy. I can't beleive how fast you have grown. You are amazing and wonderful. All boy thats for sure. You love trains, cars, dirt and ridding your scooter and bike! We love you so much.

I am Happy,

Sarah aka: very blessed mom!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My Mom came up this morning. She got here around 6:45 am and started to pick the tomatoes that we used today. She also brought with her a treadmill from my sister and a black silkie rooster. He was welcome while he was a chicken then he grew into a rooster :). My sister didn't want him to bother the neighbors. He is really ugly which makes him cute. I woke up around 8:00 and heard Jenna and my mom visiting outside. I made some blueberry smoothies for the kids and we sat outside and enjoyed the cooler weather before it got to hot. We came in around 10 am and got started making the ketchup.

We started to peel, core, and seed the tomatoes. Jenna loves to chop! My dad came up around 10:30 and worked in the garden and with the compost. My mom had stopped off and got some coffee grounds from star bucks. They give it away for free and its great for the compost This is our first year composting. We call my mom the Queen of composting! I just can't believe how much that we use to throw away. We had a quick lunch and while we worked on canning my dad took a nap in the recliner. Roger went back to work and Kristen went out with him. My dad headed home after his nap and we finished up our sauces. We ended up with 4 pints of ketchup, 10 pints of pizza sauce, and 7 quarts of spaghetti. We still had tons of tomatoes so my mom and dad are going to make salsa tomorrow. Can't wait for some of that.

After canning we went out to the garden and picked some veggies for my mom to take home and I watered. Joey played in the mud so when I was done watering I sprayed him off with the hose came inside and got him in the shower. Jenna helped me with dinner. We had roasted chicken, red smashed potatoes w/ country gravy and some green beans.  We  all watched the Duggars and the then girls  got in the shower and got ready for bed. Roger and I set up the treadmill and I took a stroll on it :) Then we finished the night out with some TV and we are now heading for bed. Thanks mom and dad for all your help. 

I am Happy,


Monday, August 23, 2010


This morning we woke up and the kids ate some cereal for breakfast. Then we got ready and headed into town with Roger. He needed to get some ply wood for the chicken coop he is building, so we went to the Home Depot. Jenna and I stayed in the car and played tic tac toe and hangman. Roger, Kristen and Joey went in. We then headed out to settle up with one of our drivers. We got home around 12:00 and I cooked up some lunch. We had left over chicken and some corn from last night.

Then Roger went back to work and the kids and I went to wrap Mema (MIL) legs. They swell up and have to be wrapped. We visited for a couple hours then headed home. The girls and I did some chores and then Jenna grated up a bar soap to make some laundry detergent. We made that up and then Roger got home from work. I was getting ready to start dinner when one of our drivers called to say he was going to dinner for his birthday. Roger found out he was going alone so we decide that we would go with him. Chinese!!!!. Sure beats hamburger helper. It was fun and know one should be alone on their birthday.

We got home around 9:00 and Kristen unloaded the dishwasher and Jenna got the shower going for the girls and Joey. Roger went and put the dog up and turned some water onto the trees. I loaded up the dishwasher with 7 quart jars and 15 pint jars. My mom is coming up in the morning to make some spaghetti sauce, ketchup, and some pizza sauce with the tomatoes from the garden. So I'm excited about that. I think it will be fun to have our own ketchup. Roger used to haul tomatoes with his uncle to a ketchup plant and he has shared some stories about what was probably in the ketchup we were eating, thanks hun:). I'm glad to know what will be in ours.

I am Happy,


Monday, August 16, 2010



We picked our first crop of corn today. We did not get as much as we thought we would, but were still excited to get some. My mom and I prossesed twelve gallon size bags of corn for the freezer! We have six more rows of corn that will be ready in a week or two. I hope that we get more next time around. We all had some for lunch today and it was so gooooood! The girls and Joey chucked all the corn which was awesome. What a big help they were. My mom and I cleaned the silk off and boiled it for 4 min. Then into a cold bath of ice water (pic above) and into the freezer couldn't of been simpler.

I am Happy,


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!


Happy Birthday Dad!I love you very much! The greatest Dad and Papa! A good example to your family! I hope you have a great day hiking and Roger is looking forward to chicken fried steak on Sat!

I am Happy,


Monday, August 9, 2010

Making Sauce


Last week my mom and dad came up to make spaghetti sauce! It was alot of fun. We started by going out and picking some yummy very ripe tomatoes out in the garden.


Then my dad sat down and read the directions for the pressure cooker while my mom and I started to wash and cut up all the veggies. What a big mess.


We got everything going in the pot and let it cook for about an hour. It smelled so good and looked so pretty.


Then it was time to load up the jars. We used quart jars. This was the moment that we were all worried about! We had never used a pressure cooker before. We let my Dad be the one in charge of it :). He did a great job.


The most stressful 90 min of my life! And then the fun part. It took Roger and my Dad both about 10 min to get it open :) They did and inside was yummy spaghetti sauce! With fresh produce from our very own garden! I still look at it with amazement! I hope its always that way.


I am Happy,


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Knitting 101

My MIL Kathy has volunteered to teach me how to knit. Wow! she gutsy! I can't do it very well and have had to taken it apart so many times, but I love it. My poor MIL had know idea what she had got her self into :) We started out talking about making a scarf until she saw my skills :) Now we are concentrating on a head band. I am a totally awesome caster, but when it comes to knit 2, pearl 2, ect. well I have some work to do. I think I'm even dreaming about it:) I think the best part is that my MIL gave me her mothers knitting bag to keep all my things in. I love it! Thank you Mema for taking your time to teach me something that was tought to you by your mother and your granny!

I am Happy,