Sunday, August 1, 2010

Knitting 101

My MIL Kathy has volunteered to teach me how to knit. Wow! she gutsy! I can't do it very well and have had to taken it apart so many times, but I love it. My poor MIL had know idea what she had got her self into :) We started out talking about making a scarf until she saw my skills :) Now we are concentrating on a head band. I am a totally awesome caster, but when it comes to knit 2, pearl 2, ect. well I have some work to do. I think I'm even dreaming about it:) I think the best part is that my MIL gave me her mothers knitting bag to keep all my things in. I love it! Thank you Mema for taking your time to teach me something that was tought to you by your mother and your granny!

I am Happy,



  1. Kathy is a good teacher. So I want a nice scarf for Christmas.

  2. I am trying to teach myself to knit. I get so lost from one stitch to the next, can't remember if it is a knit or a perl!

    I am sure you will do great at knitting.

  3. :) How sweet of MIL to give you that bag ! Keep up the good work, practice practice !!!! You will soon be terrific at knitting.
    :) Abby

  4. Maybe some day you can teach me - I'm jelous. :)