Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harvest Time at The Vineyard Homestead


It's that time of year when you get stuck going to town behind a tractor. When our little Town doubles in size, and when the air is full of dust. I love harvest time its like everything comes alive. The hard work all year is soon to pay off. We have a small vineyard just under 20 acres. This year the weather has not cooperated and we have had a very cool spring and summer. We have lots of grapes, but not a lot of hot days to turn them into raisins. We need it to be in the low 100's and high 90's and its been in the low 90's high 80's around here. I love the cooler weather but, its not good for making raisins. So they will be left out a little longer. This is actualy a long prosses. It took about a crew of 6 a week to pick the field. As they pick the grapes from the vine they put them in a large plastic pan. When the pan is full they lay out a paper tray and dump their pan onto it. Then the grapes will lay there and start to dry. They are payed piece work so the more trays they lay the more money is made. I tried this when I first married Roger. I was 19 and spoiled I lasted about 10 trays.lol. It is hard work and the spiders, snakes, and mice scurring from the vine does not help :).


These have been on the ground for a day.


These have been on the ground for about a week. Soon a crew will come through and trun the grape/rainsins for even sun bathing.

I will be posting an up date soon as there are many steps in this harvest. Praise God for all He provides for our family! Praise Him for the harvest and always being faithful.

I am Happy,



  1. I love your new web page!!!!

  2. Give yourself some credit baby girl. If I recall correctly it was at least 10 and a half trays you picked before we had to have someone finish the row for you. Besides that, you were the cutest picker weve ever had. That has to count for something. By the way I really like your new page.