Tuesday, September 7, 2010



This rooster has brought us much Joy. Is he not funny looking? He is a Silkie and was living the life until he decided to cock-a-doodle-doo. He was living in my sister's chicken coop. She has neighbors and didn't want to wake anyone up with this natural little alarm clock, so now he is ours. He is a free range bird now and seems to be enjoying his new life. I think that he might be a little lonely, because he will come and stare at us through the window. How cute is that?
He comes running up to us when we come outside. You know he kind of looks like a two legged toy poodle :). We have been feeding him veggie and fruit scraps from the kitchen. We have also been giving him grapes off the vine. I think that is his favorite. We are enjoying him.

I am Happy,



  1. How cute! Soemtimes our chickens will look in the door at us and I have always wondered what they are thinking. Sometimes I wonder if they are checking to see if we are having chicken for supper :O)

    Great pictures!


  2. He is beautiful. But why does he remind me of something from Dr. Suess' If I Ran The Zoo. Especially, looking into the window like that - I do see the poodle resemblance.

  3. He couldn't have a better second home! Thanks for taking him in. He looks very happy.

  4. Oh, he is sooo cute!! Wish I had one.