Sunday, October 31, 2010

Knowing Who You Are


The moment you know that your little girl is becoming a young lady. Wasn't it just yesterday when Kristen was a little baby in my arms? She is finding her style, talking about the future, making plans for her life. I'm so proud of her. The best part about her little life is that she know the Lord as her Savior and I know that her life will be amazing and that I will always get to be her mommy. Thank you Lord for blessing me with my children.

I am Happy,



  1. So true! And I'm lovin' those boots :)

  2. :-D my baby girl is in the same stage...... thankfully it is boots and "horsewoman" hats for her too. LOL! She is following Christ's leading, and learning to play the guitar so she can lead the family in worship for our Monday night family prayer meetings. God is SO good to us!

  3. How funny guitar lesson are on her list also. If only we lived near you I'm sure they would be good friends. Have a wonderful week. Sarah