Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh (Rolling My Eyes) Scramble!


This is our Silkie Rooster and he is the best. He is like a little two legged toy poodle :)! When you pat your legs and call him he comes running, He sleeps on the front porch and clucks and bocks at people in his yard. I love him but like my husband says, "Farm animals are not pets" so I shouldn't, but I do. Until he discovered that our bedroom window is in the back of the house! Yes, this morning he felt it was his duty to make sure we were up with the sun COCK-A-DOODLE-DO !!!!  Now I am thinking that he might make a nice chicken dinner. LOL. Good thing he is so cute. (we will see how long that will last).  

I am Happy Tired,



  1. I am telling you..that is the prettiest rooster ever!

  2. oh dear! We live in a town that allows chickens, but no roosters. However, someone in our neighborhood has one. And, the poor thing is all mixed up and crows all night long! At least they don't live too close to us!

  3. Maybe he will be chicken dinner when we move there and he finds our bedroom!!!!!!