Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 19

Welcome to Day 19 of my 25 Days of a Homespun Christmas. How cute is this? My mom brought up some of this yummy reindeer food for us to snack on and it was soooooo good. I wanted to jazz it up and turn it into a great gift, so this is what I came up with. I think this homemade gift would be great for kids and grown ups.

My Mom's Reindeer Treat:

1 large box of Chex cereal
3 14 oz bag of white chocolate melts
1 bag pretzel sticks
1 medium bag of cherry cordial M&M's ( this makes it really yummy!)
1 8 oz bag of salted peanuts

In a LARGE BOWL mix all ingredients except white chocolate. Melt white chocolate until smooth and pour over mixture. Stir to coat and pour onto wax paper until harden. Break into pieces and enjoy!

For reindeer jar:

Brown, white, red card stock
black buttons
hot glue gun

free handed cut out antlers from brown card stock, cut out circles for nose (red) and eyes (white). Glue black buttons on white card stock circle. Hot glue eyes and nose to jar and antlers to ring lid. Label and glue tag to top of lid. Tie ribbon into bow around jar lid add small dot of glue to keep in place.

I am Happy,



  1. Those are too cute! And the cookie decorating on the other post must of been so much fun! My boy would of been more decorated then the cookie by the time it was over..LOL..but that's the whole fun in it, huh? You have such a sweet family!