Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 8

Welcome to day 8 of my 25 Days of a Homespun Christmas. Hip Hip Hooray! Another thing to check off my list. I love to receive Christmas cards in the mail. I really love the ones with pictures! It is always nice to see friends and family. Here are my cuties on dad's old tractor. I love that it is all rusted and of course that it is a Ford. Joey could not resist being a boy and that's one of the reasons I love this picture and my girls are so pretty. I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love most!

I am Happy,



  1. I like the picture. We have Farmall's on our place. Christmas cards are nice to receive.

    Have a great evening with your family.


  2. I love the picture babygirl. It is super cute. I really love how Joey could care less about the camera. He just wants to drive it.