Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Garden Ready!

I am getting very excited about our garden this year! It will be our second year and we learned a lot about gardening from our first garden. This year I wanted to keep track of the garden so I made up a binder.

In the binder I have made a sheet that has a place for what was planted, the date, where it was planted, the weight and date it was harvested. Can you think of anything else it might need?

We work the garden with my mom and dad and we will get together soon to figure out what we will plant! I'm so glad they do this with us! My mom also helps me when it is time to can and preserve our harvest. My dad just loves to be out in the garden. I also look forward to the time when we all sit outside and watch it grow :).

Have you started you garden plans? I would love to see your garden journals or hear what you are planning on planting this year!

I am Happy,



  1. I really like the part about sitting out and watching the garden grow :)


  2. We have also been garden dreaming. We always till, stick seeds in, and then have to guess where and what everything is. A binder looks like a good way to keep it all straight.

    Hope you are having a great week :)


  3. I've not started working on my garden journal this year, but hope to soon. I'll post it when I get started! :)

  4. I have never made a garden journal.Yours is really pretty.We pretty much plant the same things every year...we do want to grow larger amounts this year though. How nice to have your parents help you. My parents are a big help with us too. They always have plenty of veggies to share with us. I look forward to hearing what all you decide to plant.

  5. I keep a journal and a grid drawing of my garden. I found the whole thing on line-free-a couple of years ago, but I can't remember where.
    Having people help (weeding :) ) is great. Working together is so much more pleasant.

  6. I've linked back to you in my post this morning. Have a great day!

  7. I love garden plans, this is what gets me through winter : ). Your journal will be so beneficial to your garden success. You have the most important things in your journal. Heres some extras that you might like to add.

    Keeping track of frost dates , see how they compare from year to year. Soil test results, when and what types of fertilizers you will be using, info on your composting is good to.

    Also when planing keep track of your wind and sun exposure to. Keeping your journal will help when you do companion gardening.

    And keeping track of pest like insects and diseases, rotating your garden plants helps in keeping lots of the bad things away and plants healthy. Your journal of where its planted will help on this.

    Take pictures throughout the growing season for next years comparisons.

    If your saving heirloom seeds you'll want to keep records of them as well. Also starting your seeds indoors , wow you will be building a library , lol.

    Its so great you have many in your family that like to garden. Make it fun for the kids. Raised beds are easy and fun to care for.

    I did long boring rows of beans and weeds and it was no fun for the kids. Now that they are grown and see my new ways they are liking it a lot more , lol. Plant the seeds for love of gardening early : )

    Sorry for the long comment ,did I say I love gardening plans, lol. The best is just doing it, learn from it, make it fun and enjoy the whole process and those canned veggies in the cold winter months

    Happy garden planning : )

    tc linda

  8. We have purchased most of our seeds. We have a place about 40 minutes away that we can buy garden seed in bulk. We pay $2.00 for the minimum amount of seed. Most garden packets are about the same price, but we get a lot more seeds. A lot of the seeds are the Heirloom variety as well.

    We are plowing up our alfalfa field this year and will be planting that to corn and pumpkins to sell. I will have about 1 acre of a garden this year.

    The one thing to keep in mind is you do not want to plant tomatoes where your potatoes were last year, and vise versa.

    We will plant our root vegetables and peas around the middle of March. Our tomatoes we will sow the seeds directly in the ground and we make a little greenhouse over them. We will do that in April. We can get frost until Mid-May around here, so we have to watch how early to put things out.

    I like your journal idea and layouts. Have a great day with your family.


  9. How fun everyone! I like all of your helpful tips! I am very excited and I can guess you all are to! Here's to happy planting and a joyful harvest. It is truly a blessing to be able to grow and preserve the food from your garden.