Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Joey's First Day at Pre-K

Monday was Joey's first day at Pre-K! He had so much fun and did really well. I didn't! It was really hard to leave him and go home. I was able to get a lot more done around the house and that was nice. He goes on Monday and Wednesday from 8:00 to 12:00 and He gets to take a lunch which he thinks is really fun. His favorite part is to play on the playground.

My mom and dad bought a travel trailer! This is great news, because they will be living about three days a week down here! This is really going to be fun to have my parents living right next door! It will be fun for the kids too! They are really excited and can't wait to eat grandma's chocolate chip cookies on a weekly bases! I'm excited that they will be able to be more involved with the garden and my mom and I can get lots of preserving done this season. I will have to post pictures of the travel trailer it is really nice and they plan on adding patio space with a cover. It should be a nice home away from home!

Roger and Jenna left this morning at 5:30 to make a delivery to Bakersfield. This was a great sell and it will pay down some bills that are needing to be payed. God always provides for us even when we have no idea how He is going to do it! I am also glad that Jenna got to spend some time with her dad.

Tonight we are having Lasagna, asparagus, and homemade (bread maker) french bread! Have a wonderful day!

I am Happy,



  1. What a great picture. I can remember when my youngest went to pre-school for her speech. We missed her at home. That sounds like fun to have your parents stay part of the week with you in their travel trailer.

    How great that they were able to spend the day together and that you were able to make a delivery. Supper sounds great.

    Have a great evening.


  2. Joey is the cuties boy in the world!!!!! We are so excited about having new neighbors. I do see a lot of choclate chip cookies in my future.


  3. Oh so glad he enjoyed his day there! I can imagine how much you really missed him and how quiet the house must of been. You have such a sweet momma.I like to read her comments to you. We have a travel trailer and love love love it. I know you are going to enjoy having them visit all the time. Have a great week :)

  4. What a sweet picture. They grow up too fast!!What a blessing to have your parents so close. Enjoy the time with them. Glad to know the sell went well. I was just saying yesterday, God know our needs and always provides. Have a great weekend.